Training Log

by Aaron Pressley Galvin on 20th December,2018

Training Log

I often advise my clients, particularly the beginner, to invest in a training Log/Diary. During a training session I will give the client a lot of information and because its hard to remember everything you should aim to sit down after each session and quickly log all the important info, such as where to grip the bar or proper stance during a Squat etc. It is essential for the beginner to log their exercises, sets, reps & any notes that may be of importance so they can keep track of personal progress. Being able to see your progress from week to week, month to month, can be very motivating but will also highlight slower developing areas and help you fine tune your program and exercises for optimum results. 

When purchasing a Training Log you should go for a regular sized diary with day by day lay out, so you will have adequate space for writing down all the necessary details. You can also log your cardio i.e distance & duration ran or biked, plus bodyweight & bodyfat and even your arm, chest, waiste and leg measurements, checking each month to compare and gauge progress. 

- APG.


Last Modified: Thursday 20th December 2018