Is Your Relationship Making You Fat?!

by Aaron Pressley Galvin on 20th December,2018

Is Your Relationship Making You Fat?!

From the new couple to the newly wed, there is plenty of statistics to show the creep of weight gain on loved up couples. Couples who have been together/married for two years or longer are more likely to gain weight than their single counterparts, according to a study published in 2012. In fact, newly married women in their early 20s gain an average of 24 pounds in the first five years of marriage and men in the same age group gain an average of 30 pounds during that same time.

One of the main reasons is comfort, couples tend to replace active healthy habits with lazy not so healthy alternatives. Reinforced with the support of love we tend to let ourselves go in the belief that our partner will accept us no matter what we look like - For better or for worse, In sickness and in health, right?

Watch out for these common scenarios that may lead you to become a statistic!

Skipping Workouts

Problem: Gym workouts might be replaced with movie nights in with a simple comment from one partner "You look great babe, skipping one workout wont hurt!"

Solution: Dont skip that workout! Grab on to each others love handles and motivate each other to do a fitness class, a weight session in the gym or at least a walk/jog around the block.

Grocery Shopping

Problem: Shopping together and not sticking to the healthy shopping list you prepared. Giving into temptations and buying each other a few "treats" cos you want to show your affection via an indulgent high calorie snack.

Solution: Make a healthy shopping list and do not stray from it. Never go shopping when hungry! Statistics show that hungry shoppers buy 20% more unwanted junk food. If you don't buy it, you cant bring it home and eat it. Simple.

Going To The Cinema More Often

Problem: Watching a movie doesn't make you gain weight :) But if you fail to by pass the snack bar with out loading up on snacks like popcorn, chocolates and soft drinks, before you know it you'll make the auditions for The Nutty Professor 3!

Solution: Eat a filling high protein meal before the movie. Bring your own healthy snack alternatives such as Granola bars, Mixed unsalted nuts, protein bars, Fruit. More info here – Box Office Calories

Eating Out More Often

Problem: We associate pleasure with food and dining out is the most common pastime for couples. Understand that most restaurant prepared meals are richer and higher in calories than home cooked alternatives. Not to mention the starters and desserts!

Solution: Cut down on your visits to the restaurants. Skip the starters. Go for the healthy option on the menu and you can always replace carbs (rice/pasta/potatoes) with extra salad and veg with low calorie dressing. I think we all know that skipping dessert is a good idea! Start cooking at home more often, research some healthy meal options and impress your partner with your culinary skills.

Is Your Partner Holding You Back?

Problem: If one partner is piling on the pounds, be it from work demands of work or simply they do not enjoy health buzz as much as you do. They might tend to fear being left behind. For example, one partner works out, is in great shape, staying sexy and youthful while the other is over weight and feel that they might loose the other partner to a more sexy suitor. Couple sabotage may slip in, be it on purpose or subconsciously. One partner can influence the other to eat a little more, have dessert, to skip workouts, buy them dinner or order in more often as a treat. Before you know it, you both cant fit in the shower together!

Solution: Watch out for the those tell tale signs and if you find that there could be some sabotage going on then you either have to talk it out with your partner and voice your concerns or if in the end they are just not right for you then kick them to the kerb (but be nice about it).

So take inventory of your relationship and make sure your not ending up in the same bad situations week after week that are making you fat and unhappy. Talk with your partner and express how you feel and make a promise to help each other to become a fit, healthy, sexy couple again!

- APG.

Last Modified: Thursday 20th December 2018