Having arrived at age eighty-one, I wondered if maybe I was a bit 'nuts' when I scheduled training-sessions at the gym. But that didn't stop me from doing it anyway. I was reasonably fit, and I wanted to maintain that situation and improve on it if possible. As it happened, a term at the gym was one of the best ideas I've had so far.

Aaron is a most competent trainer and he helped me set realistic goals. He devised a set of exercises suited to those goals, some cardio and some to build strength. It was great to have a guide to help me use the machines properly without risk, so I wasn't over-ambitious or wasting my time. Aaron instructed me on posture, technique, and diet, but he was never demanding and always adapted to my schedule.

I felt great physically and mentally renewed when the term was over.I can now maintain training by myself, at home or in the gym and am keeping up the good habits - with the odd lapse of course.

Thank you so much, Aaron.”

KF. 80s


"After training with Aaron for just 12 weeks I found a dramatic improvement in my health. Not only did my general levels of fitness grow, but I learned the skills needed to continue my progress outside of the gym. From brilliantly tailored nutrition plans, to the finer techniques and faults to look out for when exercising, and plenty of laughs and great chat, it was an exceptional 12 weeks that surpassed my expectations. Training with Aaron isn't just a means to an end to lose weight or build muscle, it is an engaging education on the spectrum of fitness from a real master."

Diarmuid, 20's


After suffering an injury to my shoulder, I was unable to work out for years and was in almost constant pain. With Aarons rehabilitation techniques and exercises, my shoulder is completely recovered and is stronger than ever. Im able to work out and train now without worry. Aaron has the skill and understanding to tailor your programme to your specific needs and you will get the results you are looking for, without doubt. Thanks Aaron.

A. Hayes Limerick City.

"I got married recently and I trained with Aaron before my wedding. My goals were to loose weight and become more toned and I achieved both with Aarons advice and guidance. Aarons passion for fitness and healthy eating is contagious and helped me focus during a very stressful and busy time before my wedding. Ive no doubt that I would not have enjoyed my day as much if I had not achieved results with Aarons motivation."

A OByrne

We trained with Aaron in the three months leading up to our wedding in September. Both of us wanted to lose weight & tone up but despite using the gym we were not getting the desired results ourselves. All that changed with Aarons help. By sticking to the programme (cardiovascular, weight training & nutritional plan) we both achieved our goals and were really happy with how we looked for our wedding. While Aaron works you hard, the training sessions are fun & the results are visible very quickly. More importantly the changes Aaron helps deliver are sustainable....Aaron changed our approach and attitude to exercise & nutrition. Thank you Aaron.

Mike & Emma Moore, Limerick

"When I met Aaron I handt been doing any real physical exercise for several years. On top of being out of condition I was suffering from inflammation of my left hip joint, making even a short walk almost unbearably painful. Aaron designed a training programme around cardiovascular fitness & core muscle strength exercises which had me pain free while working the programme & totally pain free after just 3 sessions. Aaron is very knowledgable about the structure of the body & how it works. Great results, good fun, friendly & good humoured coaching. Highly recommended!"

Kevin Clancy, 60's, Limerick

"If your looking for results Aaron is the man to get, he will work you hard but just remember its all worth it!."

Sue M Limerick.

"With Aarons motivation, exercise and nutritional advice I was able to prepare and complete my very first marathon which was in aid of charity. Thank you Aaron."

Sinead P Clare.

"Ive been training with Aaron for six months now. I cant say enough about the gains that Ive made through his knowledge and motivation. Hes a great guy to work with and will help you get results fast."

Nick C, Limerick City

I have been training with Aaron for over a year now and I have got great results from our workouts.

Paul B Limerick City.

"Aaron has a wealth of knowledge and an enthusiastic approach which motivates me to work hard while enjoying the training. He has improved my Aerobic well-being, my Body strength and Encouraged me to adopt a healthier diet but most of all has helped me to change body fat into toned muscle thereby enabling me to be much more confident with my appearance and personally I am enjoying the journey to a healthier fitter future. Thanks Aaron."

Deirdre K.

I have worked with Aaron for over a year now and I have learned a lot about fitness and nutrition. The results are amazing and I have a much more energy. He pushes you that extra bit and the workouts are challenging and dare I say enjoyable!

Elaine B Limerick City.

"I have been going to gyms for many years with no significant gains. Aarons knowledge and advice on training techniques, intensity and nutritional information have helped me focus on my training schedule with immediate visible results. Thanks Aaron"

Martin Connellan Limerick

"For many years I have had the constant internal conversation...I need to lose weight...I need to tone up....I need to get fit!!! I have tried many the diet and have attempted the gym with no great lasting effect! Finally last year I decided to bite the bullet and enlist a personal trainer to hopefully motivate me and encourage me. That personal trainer was Aaron and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. From the initial consultation where you are baring your soul and admitting that you are not happy with yourself be it the way you look, how fit you are etc. he immediately puts you at ease and you never feel judged! Aaron has a great vault of knowledge regarding diet and exercise. He is unassuming and always understanding. He has a way of encouraging you that doesn't feel like you are failing but that you have it in you to do that one more rep. I have had two 10 block sessions so far with Aaron and they certainly won't be my last. What is further he has actually managed to instil in me a love of exercise and fitness...who would have thought! I couldn't recommend Aaron highly enough, give it a go and you will see for yourself."

Caitriona B, 30's, Limerick

I have been training with Aaron for a little over a year now. Before Aaron trained me, I was only capable of carrying an infant for 2min before I was having pain in my back. If anyone suffers from neck or back issues, they know that the pain can sometimes be debilitating. After a short period of training with Aaron, not only did I notice and feel a complete change in my body but I can now carry things that I could never carry before for long periods of time without a struggle or pain. People were coming up to me and asking what I have been doing and complementing me on the change they noticed. The strength and healing that Aaron helped me achieve is absolutely remarkable!! This Man is not only a professional trainer, but I call him a healer and a person who cares about his clients and helping them reach whatever goal they come to him for. He is absolutely Brilliant!!!! I am so pleased with my results that I fly overseas to train with Aaron! I can assure you that all you have to do is listen to him and let him know what your looking to achieve from the very beginning and he will help you the best he can. He is a hard working and dedicated professional who enjoys what he does for a living and cares about his clients! I think it is extremely important to have a professional trainer like Aaron when working out because they are there not only there to prevent injury from happening when performing an exercise but they will assure you that your doing the exercise properly so that you can get the results you need. THANK YOU AARON!!!!

Karen, 30s, USA

"From the moment I met Aaron during our initial meeting and assessment, it was very obvious that he has a passion for what he does – and he is also extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. He provided me with a comprehensive, specifically tailored fitness regime which has achieved excellent results. Aaron is a pleasure to deal with. He communicates really well and also knows when to push a client and when not to. He is willing to share his expertise and is always researching new methods and techniques to provide his clients with the most up-to-date fitness plans and advice. He is a pleasure to work with and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a professional, fully-qualified and genuinely inspiring personal trainer."

Grace, 29, Limerick City.