Bulk Cooking & Meal Prep

Bulk Cooking & Meal Prep

Bulk cooking is one of the most powerful tools to keep your nutrition on track as part of your health and fitness routine. Nutrition is 75% of the overall plan to get in shape! Visit my website - http://www.apgfitness.com/ Follow me on Twitter - https://twitter.com/apgfitnesspt Like me on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/APGfitness

15 Minute AB's & Core Workout

30 min Fat Burning H.I.I.T Cardio

Boxing For Cardio Fitness

Bulk Cooking & Meal Prep

Cardio Time! A Jog On The Beach

Cuan Mhuire Fundraiser Raffle Draw 14-1-16

Deadlift Instruction

Dumbbell Tricep Press For Muscle Mass & Strength in The Arms

Dumbell Deadlift

Dumbell Tricep Extension

Front Plank On Fitball

In Home Training Part 1 - Chest & Back

In Home Training Part 2 Shoulders & Legs

In Home Training Part 3 Biceps & Triceps

In Home Training Part 4 Mid-Section

Moving Plank

Perfecting The Front Plank

Plank Alternate Knee To Elbow

Radio Spot on Limerick Live 95fm

Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press Instruction

Side Plank With Hip Dip

Super-Sets for Shoulder Width and Mass

Suspension (TRX) Back Row