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About Aaron

Hello Aaron Presley Galvin here. I am a Personal Trainer based in Limerick City. I hold A.C.E and N.C.E.F Qualifications amongst others but besides this my interests and skills have been developed long before I became qualified. In my teens I developed an intense interest for fitness, strength training and nutrition. I was constantly researching various fitness informations to improve my own workouts and progress in the gym.

So, from these years of practical knowledge and extra years of qualified training experience, I bring a service that goes beyond a day job. It has simply become my passion in life to train and educate others to the benefits of health and fitness and how its never too late to change your lifestyle. Through my career as a trainer and interacting with hundreds of people in the fitness environment I have come to understand that people need knowledge, direction and motivation.

Therefore my goal is to educate, train and empower you with the necessary skills to kick start the next stage of your life and get you on route to becoming a fitter, healthier, more confident You!

What I Deliver

Certified Coaching

Fully qualified with more than a decade of personal training experience. But it doesn't stop there, i'm always learning and looking at ways to improve and provide the best possible service for my clients.


Passion for health and fitness comes naturally to me. A positive and passionate attitude is infectious, people feed off of that energy. Its simple, its difficult to achieve success if your not enjoying what you’re doing.

Education & Direction

In order to master something you must know how to control it. I take it as my responsibility to educate my clients in every aspect of health and fitness so they can continue to achieve sustainable changes long term.


Your goals are of the utmost importance to me. In my experience the best way to achieve these goals is to make a team. I'm here to support you on your journey to become a healthier version of yourself.


Online Coaching

Stay in touch via Smart phones, Messenger apps,

Skype and email etc.

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