Reduce Your Food Waste & Save!

by Aaron Pressley Galvin on 20th December,2018

Reduce Your Food Waste & Save!

National statistics show that we waste 1/3 of our food roughly costing us €500-1000 per year per houshold. Thats alot of money to throw in the bin! The main foods we tend to bin, percentage wise, are 50% of all salads, 25% of all Fruit and veg, 20% of Baked goods, 10% of Meat/Fish/Poultry & 10% of Dairy. 

​ I personally keep my food wastage to a minimum by using these simple tips. A deep freezer will help alot here. 

  1. Shop conservatively, buy only what you need. Make a shopping list and stick to it.

  2. Avoid shopping when hungry as it can lead to impluse buys which costs more and may end up being binned.

  3. Buy UHT Milk instead of fresh milk. It has a greater shelflife (once unopened)

  4. Buy Frozen veg instead of fresh, its just as good for you as fresh veg and you only use what you need, avoiding waste.

  5. Fruit - Slice up your bananas, Apples, Pears etc and freeze them in bags so all you need to is reach into your deep freeze and add to your smoothies.

  6. Watch your plate/portion size, leftovers are usually destined for the Bin. Reducing protion size will also help you cut back on calorie intake.

  7. Freeze your sliced pan. Bread goes off pretty fast so freeze it and thaw out half the pan as you need, you can also toast bread from frozen.

  8. I like to buy my chicken and meat in bulk. For example I may buy 50 chicken fillets, bag them in 5's and freeze them. Thawing them out the night before as i need.

  9. Im a big fan of tinned Tuna & Salmon. They may not be as tasty as the fresh kind but they have a long shelflife and are very handy to have in the cupboard for protein emergencies.

  10. Cook in bulk. Cook 3-5 portions of chicken stirfry or beef chilli etc at one time. Eat your portion and store the rest in the fridge using good air-tight tubber ware to use for lunch or dinner tomorrow. The food will keep for days and all you need do is reach and reheat in the microwave saving you time, effort and money. 

These might be small steps indivually but when combined you could end up saving few hundred Euro which you could possibly spend on a gym membership ;) 
- APG.

Last Modified: Thursday 20th December 2018