The Correct Amount Of Protein

by Aaron Pressley Galvin on 21st December,2018

The Correct Amount Of Protein

Common questions I get asked by clients and colleagues are, how much protein should I take in per day? and If I take in too much protein, will i get kidney or liver damage? Your skin, hair, finger nails, internal organs indeed every cell in your body needs protein to maintain, repair and build on a daily basis so when you take into account your entire bodymass then you will start to grasp exactly how much protein you actually need to consume daily.

For Males I recommend 2-3g of protein per Kilo of lean body weight and for Females I recommend 1.5-2g per Kilo of lean body weight per day. By lean body weight I mean your intake should based on the the amount of lean tissue/muscle on the body (which can be determined by bodyfat testing) and not the amount of bodyfat on the body. Of course you have to take activity levels into account and personal goals to gauge your intake initially i.e to gain more muscle you need to increase your intake or for maintenance you may need slightly less.  

Protein levels only become toxic when your intake is extremely high for prolonged periods of time i.e 4-6g per kilo of lean body weight per day over 10 years. You would need to be eating 24 hours a day for that to happen so don't worry about it.  

I personally have been taking in 250g plus of protein per day for the last 10 years and I can say the only side effect I have had is the growth of muscles all over my body (combined with a  balanced training regime of course). Protein is the trainees best friend so get used to it!



Last Modified: Friday 21st December 2018